By Rosie Wilson

SNCH, an EU regulatory board, has approved Silhouette Soft for treatment of the brows and the neck. The neck and eyebrows are notoriously difficult to target with aesthetic treatments, so the extension of applications is a welcome development for Sinclair Pharma, the company behind Silhouette Soft. It is also anticipated that, with new additions to its capabilities, Silhouette Soft will become the ‘reference treatment’ for minimally invasive face lifting.

Recently, Sinclair Pharma’s CEO Chris Spooner said that Silhouette Soft is the only product available that can ‘defy gravity’ – both for patients and its business growth potential.

The demand for Silhouette Soft is expanding quickly – so much so that Sinclair Pharma is now running weekly training courses for doctors. Additional advanced courses for practitioners looking to train in Silhouette Soft for the neck and brow areas are now being booked and held in London.

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