UK clinic reports rise in enquiries for ‘turkey neck’ treatments on the run up to Xmas

A leading UK cosmetic clinic has revealed an increase in patients seeking Festive Facelifts as Christmas approaches this year.

Popular anti-ageing treatments requested by women in the last 8 weeks include non-surgical thread lifts to reduce so-called ‘turkey neck’ symptoms, and skin peels to rejuvenate the skin in time for the festive period.

Dr. Martyn King – cosmetic doctor and owner of Cosmedic Skin Clinic – says the annual rush for cosmetic treatments has been boosted further by the rise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments such as thread lifts and a new wave of skin peels.

 “Using advanced First Lift LFL PDO Threads, we can rejuvenate the mid face or neck in just 30 minutes. Treatment is painless, entirely non-surgical, and offers the results of a mini festive facelift without inconvenient recovery time,” says Dr. King.

“The unique First Lift LFL PDO Threads are placed under the skin using a micro-fine needle, before being tightened to lift the skin without surgery. Popular with women 35-50 for reducing skin laxity in the neck as wfirst_lift_lfl_logoell as the face, the results are instant – making it ideal for a pre-Christmas makeover – and can last up to 18 months.”

As well as lifting a turkey neck, patients are also seeking ways to rejuvenate the skin through medium strength peels. Designed to not only reduce wrinkles but also improve skin tone, peels are seeing a resurgence thanks to the PQAGE Peel range hitting the UK this winter.

The PQAGE Peel is an anti-ageing skin smoothing treatment that aims to improve the quality and vibrancy of the face by exfoliating layers of dulled and damaged skin.

“For patients that suffer with dull, lacklustre skin during December, a PQAGE Peel treatment can rejuvenate the face. This new type of skin peel is set to be big news for 2017, thanks to its unique combination of components which mean less recovery time,” says Dr. King.

For patients looking to reduce signs of facial ageing, skin laxity/firmness, or improve the overall texture of the skin from head to toe, the PQAge Peel treatment can provide an effective and non-surgical form of facial rejuvenation.

This form of Festive Facelift treatment can be used alongside other forms of cosmetic treatment – such as the PDO thread lifts, dermal fillers, and muscle relaxing injections – or as a standalone form of skin rejuvenation. This, Dr. King believes, is the key to this rise in enquiries, along with an increasing focus on celebrities and social media.

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