By Rosie Wilson

Open rhinoplasty was the fastest growing procedure in 2014, while breast augmentation remained the most popular surgical procedure.

In the last 12 months, the demand for open rhinoplasty has grown by 1200%, according to the round-up. This was closely followed by mini facelifts, which have grown by 1006%, and nasal tip surgery, which has grown by 763%. Also on the list for biggest growth in demand was: eye lift surgery (up by 587%); belly button reshaping surgery (315%); mini Abdominoplasty (265%); full Abdominoplasty (252%); lipoabdominoplasty (250%); butt reduction (200%) and eyelid surgery (205%).

Breast augmentation, which cost £3,656 on average, was the most performed surgical procedure, increased in enquiries by 80% between 2013 and 2014. Rhinoplasty was the second most performed and up by 87%, followed by liposuction which had a 69% growth. Fat transfer, eyelid surgery and labiaplasty also featured on the list.
Closed rhinoplasty, post bariatric plastic surgery and bra-line back lifts did not experience any growth between 2013 and 2014. Muscle implants were the only procedure to decrease in popularity, specifically by 69%.

The least performed surgical procedures were cited as genital reshaping, endoscopic facelift, sliding genioplasty and dimple creation.

In the last three months, the demand for neck liposuction has grown by 280%, which experts are predicting show a trend for the procedure in 2015. Other procedures with rapid growth were lip reduction (which has grown by 135% in the past three months), Body-Jet liposuction (106%), vaginoplasty (113%) and chin implant (113%).

The director of, Emily Ross, said: “The cosmetic surgery and injectables market in the UK is expected to be worth as much as £3.6 billion in 2015. Not only is the market huge – it’s growing at a phenomenal rate. With obesity a growing concern, it’s no surprise that bariatric procedures are on the rise. These figures confirm that in the UK, breast augmentation and nose jobs are more popular than ever.”