By Rosie Wilson

A study conducted by Northwestern University (USA) shows that longer wavelength laser treatment effectively deals with skin texture.

Keratosis Pilaris, a common skin condition that causes rough skin, redness and the appearance of permanent ‘goose pimples’ is often resistant to treatment. The American study has found that extended wavelength laser exposure can effectively treat skin roughness and irregularities in texture, although it has little effect on skin redness.

Eighteen patients, all of whom had been diagnosed with Keratosis Pilaris on both arms, took part in the study over a seven month period. They were treated with the 810-nm pulse diode laser on one arm twice for a total of three treatments, held four to five weeks apart.

Two blinded dermatologists rated the sites 12 weeks after initial treatment.

The researchers concluded: “Complete treatment of erythema and texture in keratosis pilaris may require diode laser treatment combined with other laser or medical modalities that address redness.”