Mr. Olivier Amar, one of the UK’s leading Plastic surgeons has agreed to become the South of England Ambassador for Kerastem Advanced Hair Therapy.

Kerastem Advanced Hair Therapy is a new treatment for the prevention of hair loss in people suffering from the early stages of this very common issue.

The Kerastem treatment is CE approved for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia and is the only stem cell therapy that is seeking FDA approval in the USA. Kerastem recently successfully completed their Phase II FDA trial, the STYLE trial and is now in the process of formulating their Phase III trial. 

The successful completion of this trial would lead to Kerastem being the only FDA approved stem cell treatment.

Mr. Amar said: “I’m very excited to be the South of England Ambassador for Kerastem.” 

“Kerastem offers, in my opinion, the most effective and powerful regenerative treatment to regrow hair available anywhere. Thanks to local anaesthetic it is completely painless. After this treatment you will be able to return to your busy life and nobody will be any the wiser.”

According to Ben Sharples, Managing Director of Belle, Kerastem’s European representative: “We are very excited to be working with Mr. Amar.”

“His passion for regenerative medicine fits very nicely with the Kerastem treatment as it is the only ‘stem cell’ treatment that uses isolated mesenchymal stem cells rather than a random cocktail of blood or fat derived regenerative factors. Not only is his knowledge of this area of medicine at the very highest level, he is a fantastic and meticulous plastic surgeon and we are privileged that he has chosen to work with us on this project.”