Medical aesthetic device company Novus Medical is proud to announce its exclusive distribution of WonTech devices.

Novus Medical – launched in 2016 by Jim Westwood – will be the sole supplier of WonTech devices in the UK, marking a big leap for the market-leading device company.

Director Jim praised the union of Novus Medical and WonTech, which was exclusively revealed at the FACE Conference 2016.

“We are pleased to be able to announce our distribution of WonTech under out portfolio of devices at Novus Medical,” said Jim.

“WonTech are renowned for high quality cosmetic devices and products. Developed through their significant research and development team, they have grown the domestic market through quality manufacturing and innovative product design. We’re delighted to be offering UK clinics and salons some market-leading devices,” he said.

WonTech have over 16 years of manufacturing experience for their Q Switched Nd:YAG platform and have created a very stable and high specification Q Switched Nd:YAG device, with over 4 wave lengths.

“The Pastelle is very high quality multi use platform. We have no doubt this will become a top device for clinicians across the country,” said Jim.

WonTech is also the mastermind behind UltraSkin II: one of their leading products. With a significant domestic market share for HIFU, the UltraSkin II is a versatile HIFU device that will offer clinics a broad range of treatments for both body and face.

“The key area for use in the UK will be the face as the device can deliver multi depth coagulation zones enabling a 3 dimensional lifting effect. Results for the UltraSkin II are quick without any need for the client to have anaesthetic,” explained Jim.

“This is in part due to the 1mm focal zone, which reduces pain thus increasing the clients’ satisfaction.  Whilst having a 1mm focal zone is good for facial and neck lifting, it does have limitations for body contouring, as to deliver treatments to the abdomen with a single line delivery at 1mm would lead to lengthy treatment times. Fortunately WonTech have developed the HIFU Body device which launches soon,” Jim concluded.

Due to be launched in the UK later in 2016 – with a grid of 24 x 24 lines versus the 1 line delivery system with most existing HIFU devices – this will ensure effective and quick treatment times for fat reduction of the abdomen and other areas of the body for clients.

“PicoSecond technology is arriving in the UK with WonTech; expected later in Q4 2016, the PicoCare is a multi-wavelength platform. Expected to become one of the most effective and price sensitive pico second lasers, the PicoCare will be attracting lots of attention throughout 2017 and beyond.”

Novus Medical will be offering a scalable model for clinics who wish to be able to offer PicoSecond treatments to their clients.

Utliising their considerable experience in research and design the PicoCare will become a real force in 2017 for Novus Medical.

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