By Rosie Wilson

BTL, the company behind the contactless body contouring treatment Vanquish, is enjoying a positive reception for the Flex applicator, an add-on for Vanquish that’s designed specifically for use on the thighs.

The device, which has already proved popular in Europe, is gaining status in North and South America. Thigh surgery has traditionally been one of the more problematic lifting procedures, so the non-surgical innovation is welcome in the industry.

The flex applicator allows the practitioner to treat the inner and outer thighs simultaneously, or treat over the media fat pad proximal to the knee and outer thigh.

In a recent clinical study with Vanquish Flex, 40 patients showed an average of one inch reduction on each leg, over four treatments of 30 minutes per leg.

For best results, BTL recommends 4-6 sessions with Vanquish Flex to each be held a week apart. The results are then said to improve for the following month after the treatment plan is over.

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