Sabrina Shah Desai has launched a new dermal filler course in Coventry.

This unique “hands on” fresh -cadaver wet-lab is a scientific, evidence-based course run by industry recognised clinical and anatomical trainers, with the aim of promoting safe aesthetic practice amongst medical professionals.

Delegates will get a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomical layers using fresh cadavers and prosections. They will practice anatomical surface marking on fresh frozen cadavers, with an emphasis on avoiding critical neurovascular anatomy in upper, mid and lower face.

The “wet-lab” will cover basic, intermediate and advanced safe reproducible filler injection techniques for the most clinically relevant facial areas, using different types of fillers.

Delegates will be confident in the prevention and management of common dermal filler complications (Tyndall effect, overfilling, infections) and be updated on current expert protocols for the management of vascular complications.

The Hyaluronidase wet-lab includes practical sessions injecting hyalase, a hand out on recommended doses/dilutions and how to perform retrobulbar hyalase injection for blindness.

Cadaver based skills learning courses are recognised as one of the best ways to impart training before attempting these on a live patient.

The course will take place on Saturday 15th October 2016 and CPD is accreditation applied for.

Fee of £995 includes lunch and all refreshments, handouts, fillers, Hyalase and a certificate of attendance.

For more information email