Murad, Inc., the skincare brand founded by Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, has announced its plans to open the company’s first official stand-alone retail boutique.

The freestanding store, which will serve as Murad’s Global Flagship retail location, is scheduled to open October 2014 and will be located in Los Angeles. The opening of the 1500 square-foot storefront coincides with the celebration of Murad’s 25th anniversary this year and serves as a testament to the company’s continued success and evolution.

The decision to open a retail boutique was fuelled by the company’s commitment to Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health Philosophy, which is to inspire people to look better, live better and feel better through a breakthrough whole-person approach to skincare.

In addition to offering the full range of Murad’s skin-condition-specific, high-performance products, the store will offer innovative services and activities to provide customers with a highly personalised, engaging and informative experience at every touch point.

“Helping as many people as possible to achieve healthy skin and live happily is one of the goals on which I have based my research, my medical practice and my life. It is also the reason I began making skincare products in the first place,” said Dr. Murad.

“The store is meant to be a place to empower people to not only look better through topical care, but to live better through proper nutrition and supplements, and feel better through emotional self-care and stress management. My hope is that our store will serve as a place where our customers can bridge the gap between beauty and health by giving them the tools and inspiration they need to make every day choices that support their overall skin health.”

Murad has achieved record success over the past year and, to meet customer demand around the world, is embarking on an ambitious global growth strategy. To support the company’s aggressive growth plans, Murad recently signed a 12-year lease to relocate the corporate office. Having outgrown its current location, Murad will move to a brand new 45,000 square foot global headquarters in California.