Skin recovery is about to get a boost with the launch of iS CLINICAL’S new SHEALD POST-PROCEDURE KIT, designed specifically to address the needs of post-procedure/treatment and compromised skin.

Helping the skin’s healing process and decreasing downtime, the INNOVATIVE SKINCARE®’S new POST-PROCEDURE KIT SYSTEM nourishes and hydrates, creating a powerful antimicrobial barrier. Makers say even sensitive skin will be soothed, invigorated and given the protection it needs to recover from ablative procedures (fractional, CO2 and deep chemical peels).

By following the provided post-procedure regime, users will experience less irritation, less peeling and less side effects following you treatment. PHASE 1 is designed to heal and protect, while PHASE 2 will continue the healing process as it nourishes recently treated skin.

In a patient-movement survey, practices were asked to evaluate patient satisfaction using SHIELD RECOVERY™ BALM in conjunction with CLEANSING COMPLEX in place of their typical post-procedure products. Patients reported 41per cent less pealing and 85 per cent less Milia.

Dr. Grant Stevens, FACS, Plastic Surgeon calls Sheald a ‘results oriented’ skincare line.

“I have seen improved skin quality, including reduced pigmentation and better skin texture, therefore creating a more youthful appearance for the client,” he said.