Jobskin have added a cropped bra top to the Body Allure post-operative garments, aiming to give patients a more secure and comfortable fit after breast surgery.

Body Allure’s post-surgery bras offer a sumptuous selection, from the cropped bra to the vest style, made with the smooth, breathable beauty of comfortable compression fabrics, French lace-inspired designs and elegant Rimoldi seaming.

Body Allure Cropped BraThe Cropped Bra Style is ‘perfect for breast reduction and lift, augmentation, mastectomy and mammoplasty’ according to the brand.
The new post-surgery bra comes with easy-to-fit, ‘simple to put on and take off’ functionality, including adjustable straps and simple hook and eye closures.

A spokesperson for Jobskin said:

“Throughout our 40 years’ experience, we’ve earned a proven reputation for producing superior medical grade compression garments with an attention to detail.

Over the years, Jobskin has gone to great lengths to identify quality fabrics and patterns that offer the greatest level of comfort and style within a compression garment.

Our contemporary styles, elegant designs and smooth comfortable fabrics define Jobskin’s new range of breast surgery garments.”

Made with MicroFibre Stretch Tricot, this bra delivers comfortable-feeling compression, which reduces swelling, flushes excess liquids and decreases the risk of blood clots. And when it comes to that dreaded sneeze or cough, this post-surgery bra provides the control that curbs back the uncomfortable side effects of sudden movements.

Body Allure’s post-surgery bras, including the newly released Cropped Bra Style are £59.99 each and are on sale now.

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