In recent years, we have seen PRP treatments rise in the popularity ranks once again. With technological advancements and new data aiding the success, the results also speak for themselves. Being able to target multiple problem areas, whilst in conjunction with other treatments, there is no doubt why PRP has become a favoured treatment all round, for the patient and practitioner. 

Cosmetic Doctor, Ryan Hamdy, is an expert within the industry who primarily practices non-surgical aesthetic treatments – such as PRP. While owning his own clinic and training academy and working with various companies such as RegenLab as a consultant and trainer, he is also well versed in the world of PRP. 

Dr Hamdy comments:  “I have been using PRP for about 10 years now. I initially started using PRP as an aid to post-ablative laser healing but more recently have become an advocate for its use in dermal regeneration and rejuvenation. 

I certainly felt in the early days of this technology that firm data on the efficacy of PRP was lacking. However, this is no longer the case given the number of high-quality studies and publications available.”

While Dr Hamdy has been using PRP for many years, there was a period of time he noted that he stopped due to lack of data and studies. Now, it is clear that studies are more robust and PRP does in fact make a difference to patient outcomes. 

An easy to use and safe treatment can make PRP sound like a dream treatment for clinics and patients alike, however often the question can be ‘which provider to use’?  

From his own research, Dr Ryan Hamdy chose to invest in RegenLab products. “I chose to use RegenLab largely because of their commitment to research and education in this field and their ongoing product development.”

RegenLab’s proprietary technologies have been used to treat over 2 million patients in a variety of therapeutic fields (musculoskeletal, dermal, wound care, and intimacy), resulting in over 120 research projects. Their expertise and knowledge make them market leaders within the field of PRP. 

Dr Hamdy comments: “The main reasons I use RegenLab products is because of their quality and ease of use. The process, from taking blood, transferring to a test tube, centrifuging and finally administering are standardised, resulting in less chance of errors.”

With that being said, PRP on a whole has an array of benefits for the businesses and consumers.  Dr Hamdy adds: “PRP has multiple applications both in aesthetics and mainstream medicine. It is widely used in the fields of orthopaedics, genitourinary medicine as well as dentistry and veterinary surgery. The platelet rich plasma used is rich in multiple growth factors which orchestrate tissue regeneration and accelerated healing.”

While PRP is growing in popularity, there is still a lot to be done on educating the end-consumer who often are still unaware of the treatment itself and the benefits. Dr Hamdy expresses that it would be fantastic for more patients to be aware of this form of therapy and the multiple benefits it confers. 

“The benefits include ease of use and simple treatment protocols as well as less risk of blood borne infections. Patients consider this a very safe treatment with little or no risk of adverse reactions.”

On the plus side, Dr Hamdy comments that more patients that visit his clinic are becoming increasingly more aware of this form of treatment and are looking for alternatives to traditional injectables such as toxin and filler.

We are now seeing more celebrities and high profile individuals who are having PRP therapy – this without doubt raises the profile of regenerative treatments. In addition, RegenLab and The Biobridge Foundation’s commitment to on-going education and study in this field means that more practitioners are turning to this form of therapy and in turn promoting this another treatment option for their patients.

Treatment areas include the face, periocular area, neck, chest, hands and scalp. Dr Hamdy adds: “I view PRP as a treatment that can be combined with a number of other modalities or technologies. It combines well with laser, skincare, skin needling, LED (to name a few).

Most patients would benefit from a course of treatments and results will often take a few months to evolve fully whether it be scar, stretch mark remodelling, improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, or hair regrowth and stabilisation.”

Another great advantage of using PRP is the way in which it can treat the area around the eyes, compared to alternative treatments. Dr Hamdy particularly loves this method of treatment. “I use PRP around the eyes a lot in my practice. We are aware that HA fillers in this area are not without potential issues and a lot of patients will not be suitable, whether they are prone to swelling /oedema, or have thin or lax tissue in that area. 

I find PRP an interesting and effective treatment in this area. Depending on which medical device is used, PRP can be used as a filling agent or as a collagen/elastin stimulator in this region.”

So, is regenerative medicine the future of Aesthetics? Dr Hamdy suggests: “The field of regenerative medicine is fascinating and growing very quickly. I think the way we practice in the future will be very much multimodal. Toxin and fillers will continue to have their place but the use of PRP or stem stell therapy will undoubtedly complement these. How we practice in 10 years time may well look very different to what we do now.”

If you’re looking for PRP kits or a PRP Supplier, please visit RegenLab.