A new form of body contouring treatment is taking the UK by storm, thanks to its ability to reshape and tone the legs without surgery.

Fat reduction, cellulite and body reshaping treatment LP Cellulite Eraser using Lipofirm Pro technology is capable of shrinking the thighs as well as shifting stubborn cellulite.

According to one clinic offering the award-winning Lipofirm Pro treatment – liked by celebrities including Katie Price and Kerry Katona – this form of body reshaping treatment is being requested by women hoping to reshape their lower body without surgery.

Ipsita Mukherjee, owner of Estetika Clinic in Norwich, says the Lipofirm Pro is unique because, unlike other systems for body contouring available, you do not need to do additional exercise to guarantee a result.

“With Lipofirm Pro we can help women looking to reshape their lower body and reduce cellulite. The LP Cellulite Eraser treatment is entirely non-surgical and can dramatically improve the body shape, shift fat from stubborn areas and even reduce cellulite.

“Offering skin firming and improved drainage to further advance the results of fat reduction, this is the only body contouring solution available offering a three-step solution within one treatment.”

Dated and unsafe fat removal procedures such as

liposuction, and cellulite reduction treatments that promise much but deliver little, are on the cosmetic beauty scrapheap thanks to the innovative Lipofirm treatment.

A truly multifaceted device, the Lipofirm Pro offers a one-stop solution to body and skin rejuvenation concerns, with no downtime and no risks. This award-winning form of aesthetic treatment is leading the way in clinics up and down the UK, thanks to its science-backed protocols and unrivalled results.

Treatment starts from £120 per session with a course recommended for maximum results.

For more information on Lipofirm Pro and the LP Cellulite Eraser treatment visit www.advancedestheticssolutions.co.uk.