Talika Eye Detox is the first two anti-dark circle treatments designed specifically for fair skin and olive to dark skin, inspired by detox techniques and made possible by extensive research.

Dark circles are caused by two different factors depending on the colour of the skin and Eye Detox Specific not only fights against the known causes of dark circles, but for the first time ever also fights against two other causes of dark circles that have never been treated before; oxidation of the blood under the eye and inflammation of the eye contour.

‘’Many people with olive or dark skin suffer from their dark circles from their earliest age and see them as a curse. This is why I started an in-depth research on the origins of dark circles, and discovered that it is not possible to treat dark circles on fair skin and more persistent, often hereditary dark circles in people with olive to dark skin, in the same way. Building on this discovery, we developed the 1st anti-dark circle treatment inspired by detox techniques which finally provides two specific solutions adapted to each type of dark circle,” said Alexis de Brosses, Founder and Director.

Discovery: Classic anti-dark circle treatment products exclusively treat the problems of microcirculation and skin ageing. For olive to dark skin Talika has specifically identified an active ingredient that regulates melanin production and therefore visibly reduces dark circles. This works by decongesting and soothing the eye contour and boosting microcirculation, while the soft-focus powder blurs the light and brightens the entire area revealing a bright and youthful under eye area.

Active Ingredients: Chromadetox, brown algae extract is used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects and Escin and Oat Extract is used to boost microcirculation and instantly soothe the area. The steel ball applicator not decongests and tones but an extra ingredient in the Eye Detox Specific to olive to dark skin is delivered to actively work to treat dark circles and imperfections.

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