Skinbrands has launched a new cost effective way to deliver clinically proven, non-invasive, photo facials in a matter of minutes.

Lightfusion® is a new device that can be used as a standalone facial therapy or a course of treatments, or can be combined with Vitage or proprietary skincare and existing treatments such as micro needling and peels for global skin rejuvenation, including hydration and reduction in pore size, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Lightfusion® combines the power of proven wavelengths of light which energizes cellular functions within the body and help the absorption of skincare. Phototherapy creates a cascade of biochemical reactions that continue even after the facial is finished and is clinically proven to stimulate collagen, improve skin laxity and reduce pigmentation.

Research shows that the primary effect of light is targeted on cellular mitochondria, causing a cascade of secondary reactions that include increased cell proliferation and migration, increased blood flow and tissue oxygenation and modulation of key cellular growth factors. These secondary reactions are the reason why we see changes to the skin even after light therapy.

Lightfusion® has a simple user interface with inbuilt timer and three treatment heads that overlap the cheeks, forehead, hairline, chin and periorbital region or alternatively the chest area. These heads have direct contact with the skin and are designed to reduce light scattering which improves treatment efficacy by maximizing light dose. The treatment delivers 10 minute of optimized Red and NIR light simultaneously.

Lightfusion® hydrogel mask by Vitage skincare is applied after the treatment and is specifically formulated to allow the maximum number of light photons through to the skin while delivering key ingredients of seaweed, plant extracts and marine collagen.

Sleep recovery cream by Vitage Skincare is applied on the evening of the photofacial to enhances the effects of secondary light reactions. It contains key ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate, Rosehip Oil and Codiavelene.

Current phototherapy devices are expensive and range from £8,000 to £30,000. Very few have optimized wavelengths, dose or clinical data. Some are stand-alone phototherapy units which are costly. Others incorporate phototherapy as an “add-on” to existing technology, but treatment areas are small and dose delivered ineffective. Lightfusion® provides clinically proven wavelengths, a low entry price point, low commitment and easy to perform protocols. It can be easily incorporated into existing regimes and as an addition to other therapies.

Lightfusion® has been designed with the help and experience of British designers and experts in light emitting diode technology. The technology uses a patented designs to deliver therapeutic light to the skin enhancing it appearance.

The Lightfusion® device including 20 Hydrogel Masks, 20 Sleep Recovery Creams costs £1,500 + VAT. Replenishment of the Hydrogel Masks & Sleep Recovery Creams (20 of each) costs £150.

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