By Rosie Wilson

HealthXchange Pharmacy, a medical supplier company, has launched an online prescription service, which will allow practitioners to process prescriptions online, create and sign orders, pay online have the ability to re-order using a one-click process. Data will be stored in a computer system to improve efficiency and create an order history.

The e-pharmacy is compliant with MHRA regulations, and is available to access from any mobile device. It is available now.

Karen Hill, the Managing Director of HealthXchange Pharmacy, said:

“For too long practitioners, clinic owners and pharmacies have had to rely on paper-based prescribing and be at the mercy of the fax, scanner or email account. All of that changes with the HealthXchange e-pharmacy.”

“Being able to create, order, sign and pay online when it suits will revolutionise the practitioner’s business, releasing them to do more of the things they want to rather than have to.”