By Rosie Wilson

Fillerina, a Swiss developed at-home, no-needle cosmetic filler, will be available in the UK from this month. Fillerina contains a blend of six hyaluronic acids which plump the facial tissues without puncturing the skin.

The product has been subject to a double-blind, randomised clinical trial and proven to work effectively. Fillerina is available in three graded strengths, and retails in a 14-day intensive treatment as well as everyday maintenance products.

Fillerina grade 1 treats moderate lines and wrinkles, and can improve the signs of sagging around the lips and cheeks. Grade 2 treats visible lines and wrinkles, improves sagging and can improve areas of unevenness, while grade 3 treats deep set wrinkles, very uneven skin tone and severe sagging of the skin.

The 14-day treatment retails from £79, and the everyday range – which contains a day cream, a night cream and an eye and lip cream – retails from £38. It will be stocked by various beauty retailers and clinics in the UK.

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