By Rosie Wilson

LIPO-202, developed by Neothetics of San Diego, is expected to enter its final phase of clinical testing this year. The drug is designed to cause the body to metabolise fat around the injected area by converting it into energy.

Its developer, President of Neothetics George Mahaffey, said the following:

“Scientific literature reports that the surface of fat cells contain beta-2 adrenergic receptors, known to play an important role in burning fat. The body uses these receptors to burn fat under normal conditions, and the result is a shrinking of fat cells.”

“Dieting or exercise causes a slow reduction in the body’s volume, as these cells are not refilled with fat. LIPO-202 is an injectable form of salmeterol, which activates beta-2 adrenergic receptors and triggers the metabolism of triglycerides in these cells to free fatty acids and glycerol by means of this natural process of lipolysis.”

“We don’t make big people small. If you want a better body contour, that’s what we’re about. We work on subcutaneous fat that we all have, that’s metabolic storage.”