Dotolo Europe brings evolutionary IHHT (Intermittent Hypoxia Hyperoxiadotolo europe Therapy) or by its shortened name Hypoxic Training to Aesthetic Medicine Live.

London, UK – Dotolo Europe is excited to announce that it will showcase its pioneering Hypoxic Training device at the upcoming Aesthetic Medicine Live on May 10-11 at Olympia London. This innovative offering is essential for clinics/spas/gyms/hotels etc aiming to lead in client health, recovery, and revenue enhancement.


Revolutionary Wellness Solutions: Elevating Client Care

At Aesthetic Medicine Live, attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience the powerful benefits of Dotolo Europe’s Hypoxic Training, alongside their advanced IV Ozone machines and Ozone Cosmetics. These cutting-edge solutions are tailored for clinics and practitioners seeking to be at the forefront of the wellness industry. The event will also feature information on various courses on ozone therapy, allowing practitioners to deepen their understanding, expertise and integrate these services into their practices.

Experience and Expertise Live

Join us at Stand F42 to engage with our expert team and witness our innovative machines in action. Our representatives will be available to discuss how these technologies can transform your clinic’s offerings and significantly boost your business outcomes.

Why Hypoxic Training?

MITOVIT® Hypoxic Training, introduced by Dotolo Europe, simulates altitude training which can enhance metabolic efficiency, boost the immune system, optimize stress resilience, and improve overall health. This technology not only caters to athletes but is also perfect for anyone looking to improve their wellness. With proven benefits in accelerating recovery times and supporting cardiovascular health, MITOVIT® sets a new standard in therapeutic care.

Benefits of Integrating Dotolo Europe’s Technologies:

  • Lead the health and wellness industry with state-of-the-art technology
  • Expand service offerings and attract new client segments
  • Increase clinic revenue through innovative treatments and therapies
  • Enhance client satisfaction with faster recovery times and improved health outcomes

Event Details:

  • Date: May 10-11
  • Location: Olympia London, Stand F42

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Want to know more?

For more information on Dotolo Europe’s offerings and to explore further details about Hypoxic Training, visit our website or contact us directly.

Join us to pioneer the future of health and wellness and elevate your clinic’s services to new heights!