In a month, European design and manufacturing leading company, Deleo, are heading to InterContinental London at the O2 to exhibit at the UK’s premier aesthetic medicine conference and exhibition  – FACE.

Across the two-day event, FACE showcases the most up-to-date clinical knowledge, practical suggestions, and advancements in the field of aesthetic treatments.

FACE has evolved into one of the world’s most prestigious aesthetic conferences during the last 18 years. FACE continues to dominate the premium UK market of medical aesthetics, with over 150 national and international speakers and a complete agenda structure. It’s widely acknowledged as one of the most important dates in the calendar for anyone working in aesthetics or anti-aging treatment.

This conference program of world-class quality offers in-depth insights through 150 scientific sessions offered by 100+ prominent experts in six conference theatres.

Andre Fournier, Co-Founder of Deleo says: “We are really thrilled to be exhibiting at FACE this year and cementing our position within the UK market. We have been putting more of a focus on networking within the UK this year, having attended ACE in March too. This really gives us a fantastic opportunity to re-connect and introduce ourselves to the rest of the industry once more.

FACE has a fantastic programme – myself and the team are looking forward to not only showing off our latest technologies but also learning and staying abreast of the latest happening within the industry.

Our focus at FACE will be to showcase our innovative body layering concept – it provides a global approach by merging three cutting-edge technologies.”

The medical aesthetics market is steadily being transformed by body layering. For the first time, three non-invasive technologies can be used to shape, sculpt, and tone the body and face.

Deleo is assisting aesthetic medicine in reaching new heights with the Cristal Pro, Cristal Fit, and Cristal Skin Trio. The original design was inspired by a request from individuals who work on the front lines of the industry: surgeons. Their job required them to investigate every layer of the body, from muscle to fat to skin. Deleo devised a three-part treatment that targets the epidermis, hypodermis, and muscles to aid them. The Body Layering philosophy offers a completely tailored approach in addition to its mix of cutting-edge technologies.

“At Deleo, we recognised that each patient is unique, therefore we customised the treatment by allowing the doctor to conduct a thorough examination. An algorithm considers a number of specific details (age, number of children, medical history, skin quality, and so on) to provide a personalised diagnosis to the clinician. Body Layering serves as a comprehensive approach and a highly optimised treatment procedure by examining the different layers of the body,” explains Fournier. 

Many other manufacturers have one or two methods for treating individuals for body/face contouring, such as cryolipolysis/ fat freezing, radio frequency, or electromagnetic stimulation; however, they rarely use a combination of these technologies in tandem to maximize patient outcomes.

Deleo recognised there was an opportunity to design a cutting-edge three-step concept that could do all three duties while ensuring safety and efficacy.

“Our Cristal treatments give outstanding results, and we have had many positive testimonials throughout the years and the before and after pictures, speak volumes! Apart from the fact that it’s non-invasive, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular, and we’re excited to demonstrate it at FACE. Alongside our Body Layering concept, we also have a few other new exciting and innovative technologies to share with everyone which have been years in the making.” says Fournier. 

Deleo has a busy year ahead of them, showcasing their popular Body Layering concept across the world and exhibiting at International conferences and exhibition centres. Within the UK, Dr. Dev Patel, Dr. Rita Rakus, Dr. Dray, and Miss CC Kat, to name a few, are among the current users of Deleo’s Cristal body layering technology.

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