Forget what you already know about body sculpting and prepare yourselves for the ‘body layering’ takeover. European company – Deleo – are making waves in the UK, as the first design and manufacturing brand to supply highly skilled practitioners with a device like no other on the market. 

Achieving that desired body shape can be tough. While diet and exercise is great and highly recommended for leading a healthy lifestyle and aiding weight loss, at times, the end result can be rather anti-climatic. Whether you’re left with sagging skin, stubborn fat or lack of muscle; there is rarely a solution on the market to help target all three areas of concern. 

Deleo’s Cristal body layering concept was created with the practitioner and consumer in mind; built-in with three fundamental functions to help target volume, tonicity and firmness. Andre Fournier, Co-Founder of Deleo comments: “At Deleo, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of practitioners and the end-consumer. 

“Many other manufacturers have one or two solutions to treat individuals for body contouring; either through cryolipolysis, radio frequency or electromagnetic stimulation; rarely employing a range of these technologies in synergy, to maximise patient outcomes. 

“We knew that there was an opportunity to create a state-of-the-art machine with all three functions, using the very best in technology whilst ensuring safety and efficacy.”

Deleo has pioneered a non-invasive, three-step approach to achieve this with unparalleled outcomes. 

Cristal Pro, the first phase in the Cristal body-layering procedure, works on fat, by successfully and permanently removing adipocytes. Thanks to its proprietary technology, this next generation medical cryolipolysis device is a huge breakthrough in cosmetic medicine. This stage ensures the greatest results for patients through tailored treatments.

For clinics, the Cristal Pro comes with a full range of applicators; four of which are simultaneous. This time saving feature allows treatment of 4 zones at the same time and optimal ergonomics for patient comfort.

The second phase is Cristal Fit which aims to build up the silhouette by toning and sculpting the muscles. Thanks to high-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation technology, Cristal Fit revolutionises body contouring to go even farther in the total treatment of the patient. With this procedure, practitioners are able to expand their technological platform and provide consumers with unrivalled muscle mass growth outcomes.

Cristal Skin, the third phase in the regime, improves firmness by minimising sagging skin; resulting in firmer skin. This treatment is the ideal option for skin tensioning on the body and face, thanks to its multipolar radiofrequency technology. Cristal Skin is a crucial step; whether it’s used in conjunction with other Cristal treatments or on its own.

Fournier comments: “We are proud of the great results which are achieved from our Cristal treatments and have had great testimonials from over the years. The results of patients who have had before and after images submitted are truly astounding. There is no wonder it is so popular, besides the fact it is non-invasive.”

Fournier adds: “Traditional invasive surgery is being supplanted by non-surgical therapies, which we recognised early on. This is partly owing to convenience, technological breakthroughs, and little downtime. The increase in practitioners opting for energy-assisted treatments and combination therapy is higher than ever, so a machine like this really fulfils the needs of both; the business and the consumer.”

“Our device offers a non-invasive, painless procedure with absolutely zero anaesthetics required. Better yet, optimal and final results can be seen after a short 3 months”

Following a national survey conducted by the brand, statistics showed that 51%-75% had recognised an improvement in figure – helping their psychological state and self-image. 

Research and development is at the heart of what they do. Deleo devotes one-fifth of its workforce to research and development, and the company presently has 10 patents filed or pending. They have become Europe’s leaders in this arena, having over 10 years of expertise in the medical device industry.

Fournier comments: “We are proud of our global network of distribution partners, which allows us to have total control over the complete sales process, from manufacturing through delivery, support, and customer care. This really allows us to build a transparent and strong customer-focused connection that is central to all we do.

“With that being said, we are extremely mindful when it comes to who we supply devices to. While we are excited to share our device, it is important that we align with clinic’s that are properly trained in the field and ensure safety at all times.”

Deleo currently has eighteen devices in clinics throughout the country; as noted, they are also careful to align with the right practitioners; Dr Dev Patel, Dr Rita Rakus, Dr Dray and Miss CC Kat to name a few are some of the current users of the Cristal body layering device. 

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