An award-winning Cambridge cosmetic clinic has reported a 100 per cent increase in eye rejuvenation enquiries in the months since Covid restrictions limiting aesthetic treatments lifted. 

According to Cosmex Clinic, the post-pandemic boom in cosmetic treatments has been remarkable, but it’s those designed to improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes that have been requested more than ever.

Seeing the huge rise in enquires for non surgical treatments to tone, tighten and smooth the skin around the eyes, Clinic Director Lou Sommereux says it stems from the  ‘Zoom doom’ effect many patients have complained about post pandemic. 

An expert in aesthetics, Lou says: 

“Over the last 18 months we’ve all spent so much time on Zoom and things like FaceTime, it’s no surprise people have started to notice their own appearance more than ever. We can see this in the enquiries we’ve been getting at the clinic since we reopened to the public in April, most notably regarding facial rejuvenation. 

“Of course the demand for facial rejuvenation injectables – such as dermal fillers – has been high, but we’ve particularly noticed a surge in patients seeking treatments to refresh the skin around the eyes. It makes sense – the eyes are the focal point of the face”

It’s easy to be disappointed as the signs of ageing start to take a hold, particularly on the face. Ageing is, of course, totally natural but for those who want to rejuvenate the eyes there are some options that offer great results.

If lines are starting to become more obvious around the eyes, it might be worth considering a combination of non surgical, minimally invasive treatments to ensure you keep that twinkle in your eye for as long as possible.

Lou says the key to success when reducing signs of ageing around this area is ensuring each patient is given a bespoke treatment plan, with a focus on the patient journey and individualised care plans. 

“We are a medical clinic offering medical treatments; there’s no one size fits all plan. We support patients from the start to the end of their treatment, offering tailored plans that take into account a variety of factors including age and lifestyle.

“In many cases it’s not one treatment but a combination of aesthetic treatments that are used in synergy to provide the best results. This could be injectables such as muscle relaxing injections or fillers, skin tightening using devices such as SkinTyte.”

Lou says her clinic, based in Cambridgeshire, is also seeing more demand for body sculpting treatment, probably as a result of the notorious ‘lockdown stone’ we’ve heard so much about in the media.

She says: “There’s an increased demand for energy-assisted treatments as part of facial rejuvenation, but sculpting the body post-pandemic seems to be very popular too, especially as summer is in full swing. We’ve invested in quality devices such as Stratum Synergy to make sure we can safely help patients look and feel their best – because ultimately all of these treatments are really about well-being.”

On cosmetic trends we’re likely to see during the second half of 2021, Lou believes collagen boosting treatments and skin resurfacing are likely to grab the attention of patients, particularly as weddings and big events will be back up and running properly.