A top UK cosmetic clinic has introduced an innovative anti-ageing ‘hand-lift’ treatment to help patients improve the appearance of veiny hands.

The Madonna-Lift – which is being pioneered by the Meso Clinic – uses Nithya collagen injections to firm and rejuvenate the back of the hands.

Unlike dermal filler injections, which have been offered previously as a solution to ageing hands by filling the hollowness with a synthetic substance, collagen boosting injections actively stimulate natural collagen production.

Before and after Nithya collagen booster treatment for hand ageing

Before and after Nithya collagen booster treatment for hand ageing

Providing a long-term and natural-looking anti-ageing result, the skin rejuvenation treatment costs just £250 and lasts – unlike fillers – for years not months.

This revolutionary new skin plumping treatment is designed to holistically improve the production of new collagen, helping to reduce fine lines, improve volume and reduce the appearance of protruding veins.

The use of revitalising collagen is a first for UK aesthetic clinics keen to offer a more natural-looking anti-ageing option. Results are long-lasting, and unlike dermal fillers which use man-made substances and may produce lumpy results, Nithya works in harmony with your natural tissue structure, making the Madonna-Lift a more holistic anti-ageing solution.

A leading cosmetic doctor devised the 10-minute treatment after numerous patients visited the aesthetic clinic seeking a quick and pain-free solution to ‘old lady hands’.

Dr. Shadi Eddin says he realised there was a market for a new collagen boosting treatment after patients visited him complaining of their ‘Madonna hands’.

“When it comes to visible signs of ageing we often only consider the face, but there are numerous parts of the body which can also give away your age; the hands are most certainly one! Thanks to Nithya collagen booster injections from Vida Aesthetics I’m now able to offer women the Madonna-Lift – a safe and long-term solution to veiny hands lacking natural volume.”

“Our non-surgical aesthetic treatments are designed to support the development of a healthy body image and to revitalise the way patients look and feel about themselves. Hand rejuvenation is set to be an upcoming trend for 2017 in my opinion, and we’re delighted to be at the forefront of the anti-ageing revolution by offering a hand lift treatment we know improves our patients’ happiness.”

The Meso Clinic offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that rejuvenate and refresh the appearance.

The Madonna-Lift using Nithya collagen-boosting injections is available at the Meso Clinic now. Vida Aesthetics, the supplier of Nithya, is a UK-based company and offers advanced aesthetic training and a portfolio of medical-grade cosmetic products. For further information on Nithya by Vida Aesthetics call 01306 646526 or email eddy@vida-aesthetics.com.