A top aesthetics company has launched a unique non-surgical labia rejuvenation device in a handful of select clinics across the UK.

BTL Aesthetics, the company behind popular radio frequency devices such as Exilis Elite and the recently released Vanquish, is proud to announce the addition of Protégé Intima to their ever-expanding list of cosmetic and medical devices.

The new Protégé Intima is a safe and effective device with indications for non-invasive non-surgical labia remodeling. The use of the device leads to the improvement of the appearance of the vulva and to the improvement of sexual satisfaction.

Lee Boulderstone, Director of BTL Aesthetics in the UK, said the launch of Protégé Intima in the UK was an ‘exciting development’ for the device company, adding he was looking forward to showcasing its results at the forthcoming aesthetic shows.

Image-2“Launching any new device is exciting, but the Intima is something we’re really proud to be distributing,” Lee explains.

“It’s a first for the UK, and we’re proud to be pioneering this non-invasive treatment in Britain. We’ll be showcasing everything this new addition to our portfolio of products has to offer at exhibitions all over the country in the next 6 months, including the CCR Expo in London this October.”

Calling the new device ‘revolutionary’, Lee says cherry picking the best clinics to initially offer the treatment is the key to its success.

“It’s vitally important that a device like this is operated by experienced aesthetic practitioners. Currently Intima is only offered at a few elite clinics, where we know the users and full training from our team has been undertaken,” he explains.

“Although, we anticipate a substantial demand for this device once it’s revealed nationally. The response so far has been wonderfully positive.”

Most recently, the painless energy-assisted labia remodelling treatment is now available at Pureskin Clinic in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, with resident aesthetic experts dubbing it the ‘best way to rejuvenate intimate areas.’

Elizabeth Daly, Aesthetic Nurse at Pureskin Clinic, exclusively told The Harley Street Journal her team welcomed the new addition to their growing treatment list, and are proud to be one of the first clinics in the UK to offer Protege Intima.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have been selected as one of the elite clinics across the country to offer our patients Protégé Intima,” Miss Daly explained

“At Pureskin we pride ourselves on offering our clientele the most current and effective treatments, and being a forward thinking clinic we know there will be a huge demand for intimate skin tightening using RF.”

Explaining more about how the treatment remodels the labia, Miss Daly also revealed why they wanted to offer the latest device from BTL Aesthetics.

“Intima uniquely uses radio frequency (RF) technology to tighten the labia skin and therefore improves the appearance of the vagina,” explains Elizabeth.

“Having been already delighted by the effects of Exilis Elite from BTL, we knew the Intima would offer the same great results for our patients.”iStock_000012153902XLarge

Miss Daly added that BTL’s tried and trusted reputation, along with their portfolio of innovative devices, gave her the confidence to recommend the new treatment to her existing patients.

“At Pureskin we only offer our patients treatments with devices we know provide top results,” she says.

“It’s important that safety and patient satisfaction are a priority, and thanks to BTL’s excellent FDA approved devices we know we’re offering the best in the business.”

Vaginal remodelling is increasingly popular in the UK, and it was recently revealed via a national survey that procedures to reduce the size of the labia were up 109% in the last year alone.

Word has already spread in the industry, with Laura Casewell, Editor of The Cosmetic Surgery Guide, calling the launch of Protégé Intima a ‘unique and forward thinking treatment’ which is destined to become nationally renowned by the end of 2014.

“It’s a breakthrough to have a treatment like Protégé Intima arriving here, and it’s undoubtedly going to be a huge success as the year progresses,” Laura explains.

“The results are scientifically proven and we’ve heard from numerous satisfied women who are delighted with not only the aesthetic results of the treatment, but also how quick and painless it is. It’s going to change the face of vaginal rejuvenation, simple as that.”

Tried and Tested
Lindsey Price, 41, is a Business Development Manager from Manchester. She lives with her husband of five years, Billy, and their three-year-old son.

“I’d had a fairly uneventful pregnancy with Xavier, with the labour itself even being pretty low-key. “It wasn’t until the birth itself that the problems started. My son’s head got stuck and I ended up having to have a ventouse delivery. Unfortunately the suction device didn’t work, and I was given an episiotomy as a last resort, leaving me with over 50 stitches and in a lot of pain.

Due to the cuts administered to get my son out, my inner and outer labia were damaged. I’d expected everything to heal and go back to normal, but I was left with an untidy looking area. My confidence, which prior to pregnancy had been high, vanished.

I took for granted how having children would affect my body. Everything looked and felt different, and not in a good way. I felt as if my body no longer belonged to me, and I couldn’t stand the thought of showing it off.

I couldn’t believe there was a treatment that could help me, and on hearing it was also non-surgical I signed up to try it. It seemed better to be proactive to get my body back on track, and on hearing about Protege Intima I believed this was how to do it.

I booked myself a consultation with Pureskin, an aesthetics clinic in Cheshire, where a course of four weekly treatments was recommended. Libby Daly, my practitioner, explained that over a month the Intima could improve the collagen around the labia and brings blood flow to the surface, making the area look and feel rejuvenated.

I was dubious when she told me it was both painless and fast-acting, so I was honestly gobsmacked when I started to see results after just one treatment. I’ve now had my full course of treatment with the unique device it’s changed my life for the better.”

More information on Protégé Intima can be found by calling 01782 579060 or visiting www.btlaesthetics.com