2017 sees the UK launch of an exciting new system from AZTEC Services. 

The Tixel is a novel device based on a thermo-mechanical ablation technology that combines a sophisticated motion and temperature control. The fractional technology is used to transfer a very precise thermal energy to the skin thereby creating an array of micro-channels, with minimal pain or inconvenience.

Dr Harryono Judodihardjo of Cellite Clinic in Cardiff came across this unique system at the EADV in Vienna in 2016, and is the first person in the UK to purchase a system.

He says:

 “When I first saw this system I could see the enormous potential for it.  The Tixel system can deliver CO2 laser like results but with many advantages.  It is not a laser so no laser precautions are necessary.  It produces less charring than CO2 laser, meaning the recovery time is less, and very importantly,  it is significantly less painful, meaning most patients can tolerate the treatment without the use of any anaesthesia.  I have been using the Tixel system in my clinic for around 3-months and have been very impressed with the results, as have the patients I have treated.  It is still quite early days but I believe that there is a strong possibility that I may be putting my CO2 laser up for sale in the not too distant future and using Tixel instead”

Anthony Zacharek of AZTEC Services says:

“We are very pleased and excited to be the exclusive UK distributor for this exciting new technology.  I have been in this market for many years and I believe this really is a unique product that has amazing potential.”

AZTEC Services are running a workshop on the Tixel system with Dr Judodihardjo in London on Saturday 4th February.  Places at this workshop are limited so if you want to attend please book your place as soon as possible.

For further information on Tixel and workshops contact AZTEC Services on az@aztecservices.uk.com