By Rosie Wilson

Surgical group Longevita has proposed an innovation in cosmetic consultations – ones that are conducted over Skype. The new style consultations will reduce waiting times for patients seeking face-to-face consultations and instant help.

The proposal has met a mixed review, and some are sceptical about how progressive the idea would actually be for the cosmetic sector. However, Longevita are firmly behind the movement, saying that a free consultation via videolink will allow a patient to be more informed before they make any sort of decision.

Prof. Dr. Fuat Yuksel, a surgeon for Longevita, said:

“Video consultations give patients peace of mind. They can ask any medical questions that may be playing on their mind and it means we can form a mutual understanding with them before they commit to anything.

“Of course it’s essential to have a face-to-face consultation before having a procedure to. At this final consultation, we examine patients meticulously and give a step-by-step description about how the procedure will be performed.”

Do you think that Skype consultations will make it easier for practitioners to communicate with their patients? Or do you think it’s a flawed system that may lead to practitioners missing health issues or extenuating circumstances for some patients? Let us know on Twitter @THSJournal