By Rosie Wilson

According to recent statistics, the number of women under 40 who are having facial thread veins removed for cosmetic purposes has risen by 15%. This rise has been attributed by some practitioners and patients to people becoming more aware of their faces thanks to ‘no makeup selfies’.

Initially an effort to promote awareness for cancer research, the no-makeup selfie has been embraced by celebrities and the public alike.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dr. Peter Finigan, medical Director at Dr Newmans clinic – a specialist skin clinic – said:

“Five years ago, close up selfies were unheard of, and people didn’t worry in quite the same way about their own image.

“However, with the advent of HD cameras and smart phone camera, and the craze for selfies, areas of the face are magnified that you wouldn’t have noticed before.

“Photos are seen immediately. You take a close up of yourself and often the comments posted are not going to be about the event but about the veins on your nose, written by someone who might be the other side of the world. You get instant feedback from your friends and perhaps often this is not feedback that you’re looking for.”