10675319_xxlSound Surgical Technologies has announced the launch of VASERsmooth, a minimally invasive cellulite solution that works with the existing VASER Lipo System.

According to the company report, the VASERsmooth kit features a newly designed handpiece and set of probes that emulsify superficial fatty tissue and cut the hardened fibrous septae responsible for skin dimpling and contour irregularities.

Peter B. Fodor, M.D., a double board-certified plastic surgeon, said in a company news release that he the impact the VASERsmooth treatment can have on his patients has already been seen.

“My early surgical experience with VASERsmooth to treat cellulite is very promising,” Dr. Fodor says. “The first patient we treated is approximately eight weeks post-op. She is very happy with her results and is wearing shorts in public for the first time in many, many years.”

VASERsmooth works using the same ultrasound technology that is used in VASER Lipo. However, rather than focusing on melthing the fat, vaser smooth’s ultrasound reaches to the deeper layer under our skin and stimulate the growth of collagen. This will help the cellulite to be ‘filled’ up from the inside as collagen is stimulated.