Bleph Banding launches: the 15-minute alternative to eye bag reduction surgery

After the success of the puppet facelift, the latest aesthetic treatment to be offered in selected cosmetic clinics across the UK utilises PDO threads to lift skin under eyes, offering a non-surgical eye bag reduction.

In some cases removing the need for aggressive surgical techniques, Bleph Banding is classed as a non-invasive aesthetic treatment for men and women unhappy with sagging skin, or dark circles, under the eyes.

Rather than removing skin during an operation, Bleph Banding ditches the scalpel in favour of fine PDO threads, which in just a few stitches can rejuvenate the lower eye and tear trough area in 15-minutes.

EyeFirst Lift LFL PDO Threads – unique to Bleph Banding – are placed under the skin using a micro-fine needle, before being tightened to lift the skin without surgery. Ideal for patients between 35-50 for reducing minor skin laxity below the eyes, the results can last up to two years. Several treatments are required for maximum results.

No-knife eye bag reduction

One-stitch facelifts have been popular this year, as patients seek to swap surgery for less invasive cosmetic solutions, and Bleph Banding is set to sweep aesthetic clinics in 2017 as the next step in anti-ageing.

As well as lifting the skin initially, the First Lift PDO Threads used during Bleph Banding actually help to regenerate and rebuild the tissues in the delicate area; stimulating collagen production and ensuring a long-term anti-ageing solution.

During the 15-minute treatment, fine threads are carefully delivered under the skin using a micro-fine needle before being tightened. Topical anaesthetic is provided to ensure a comfortable treatment.

Dr. Martyn King from Cosmedic Clinic offers Bleph Banding amongst other facial rejuvenation treatments using First Lift LFL PDO threads, and believes 2017 is set to be the year the true value of this form of cosmetic treatment comes to the consumer forefront.

“Widely considered one of the most effective forms of anti-ageing treatment within the industry, choosing to undergo a treatment using PDO threads over more traditional forms of facial rejuvenation is becoming more and more popular year-on-year with patients,” he says.

“As the technology behind the threads used within treatments, such as Bleph Banding, continues to improve, the results in turn are proving to be both long-lasting and super-effective.”

With treatment starting from £1,000, Bleph Banding costs just a quarter of what traditional eye bag reduction surgery, and due to its non-surgical nature, the risks and complications are minimal in comparison.

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