By Rosie Wilson

Obese people suffering from respiratory issues may reap an additional benefit from bariatric surgery in the form of fewer asthma attacks, according to a recent study.

The research was conducted by medical researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, who gathered data from around 2,300 weight loss surgery patients who all also suffered with asthma.

For regulation purposes, the respondents had all had their bariatric surgery before 2009. The data collected did not take into account any information on the weight of the patient (either before or after surgery), so it was not possible to decipher specifically how much weight loss would have a bearing on the condition. However, researchers did identify a correlation in weight loss surgery and fewer asthma attacks – while 22% of respondents had been admitted to hospital with asthma related health issues prior to surgery, this dropped to 11% postoperatively.

Dr. Kohei Hasegaway, co-author of the study, said:

“Previous studies with modest weight loss show no consistent effectiveness. This data suggests substantial weight loss is needed to lower the asthma risk.”