Beauty treatments are changing, according to one London doctor, with ‘profile balancing’ being the new buzzword in anti-ageing procedures.

The cosmetic dentist says offering profile balancing using fillers and anti-ageing treatments – including the teeth – can provide the very best, proportioned outcomes for patients. 

Dr Awais Qureshi, owner of Elixir Cosmetics based in North Londonsays the idea of profile balancing is to bring out the best of a patient’s aesthetics, adding to natural beauty rather than disguising it.

“Coming at aesthetics from a dentist’s perspective, I know balancing the profile can not only restore the harmony of a patient’s face from the side but often it also makes an older face more youthful. 

“The common areas I focus on during a profile balancing treatment the upper and/or lower lip (this depends if the client has an over/underbite), the chin if a client has an overbite and the chin sits behind the lower lip, the tip of the nose or the bridge of the nose and sometimes the lateral cheek. 

“There are usually three areas that require attention, even if it’s a minimal change that on its own the patient may not even notice. Every patient is different and I create a bespoke treatment plan tailored to that person’s specific needs and aspirations.”

Dr Qureshi says he’s seen a 50% increase in the number of patients opting for this type of beautification, and it’s particularly women who are leading the charge. 

“Some women come to see me because they’re unhappy with their side profile, usually involving the appearance of the nose which we can alter using fillers. But for others they realise their worries are ageing them, and seek profile balancing to look more youthful.”

“The results can be really subtle but make a huge difference to the way a patient looks and feels in their appearance. The fact that combining treatments can also help them look younger is an added bonus.”

He adds that profile balancing treatments are often combined with non invasive skin rejuvenation solutions to help improve skin tone and texture, such as micro needling, skin tightening and platelet rich plasma therapy – otherwise known as the vampire facelift. 

The demand for immediate results with subtle but long-term benefits means the aesthetic doctor and dentist is certain cosmetic surgery will see further decline, while non invasive treatments including energy-assisted solutions will hit an all time high. 

Dr Qureshi cosmetic doctor concludes: “The general feeling within the industry is that we will see a further rise in non surgical‘tweakments’ when it comes to skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing, and profile balancing is certainly looking like a large part of that.”