Figures released by BAPRAS find that almost 20% of people in Northern Ireland feel pressure to undergo cosmetic surgery – the highest proportion in the UK.

The findings come as a result of a UK-wide survey that asked 6,314 people their habits and opinions towards plastic surgery. 152 of the respondents were from Northern Ireland.

The figures also indicate that 50% of the people polled believe media images that cover celebrity cosmetic treatments make it more aspirational.

BAPRAS, who recently launched the Think Over Before You Make Over campaign, called the findings “worrying”.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, consultant plastic surgeon and lead clinician for plastic and burn surgery at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children Brendan Fogarty, said:

“I think the downside of the media exposure is that it often presents unobtainable goals to people. The best safety measure is if they have concerns about themselves go to the surgeon directly. They are a person who knows what is achievable and gives them what is achievable. I would never ask a patient to make a decision in a waiting or consulting room but in the comfort of their own home where there is no pressure whatsoever.”