By Rosie Wilson

Dr. Al-Ayoubi, a leading facial cosmetic surgeon at the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic has warned that the ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’ – sucking on receptacles like plastic bottle lids to enlarge the lips – could be dangerous.

Jenner’s previous insistence that her lips appear enlarged through makeup and camera angles alone has led people to attempt to enhance their lips through the unusual method. And although she has since admitted to having cosmetic lip fillers, it hasn’t stopped young fans of the Kardashians from attempting the ‘challenge’. Social media – particularly Twitter – has fuelled the challenge and seen it go viral.

Dr. Al-Ayoubi said of the occurrence:

“The lips are in the ‘dangerous triangle’ of the face. This is the area from the bridge of your nose to the corners of your mouth. This is an area where drainage comes from the brain. The veins not only drain from the brain but can drain back so any infection in that area, especially on the upper lip, could have serious implications to your health.”

He added that, aside from potential bruising, bleeding, scarring and uneven lip texture, the use of glass objects could also lead to a cut around the lips and mouth, which could also have obvious health implications.

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