By Rosie Wilson

Belotero+ Volume will be presented at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition (ACE) 2015 by Dr. Arthur Swift.

The latest introduction to the Belotero range is a volumising HA dermal filler, and together with other products in the range offers to provide a complete solution for treating superficial lines and wrinkles and restoring fa7961111_xxlcial volume.

The Belotero range was awarded the Aesthetics Awards for Injectable Product of the Year in 2014, and according to Merz the newest addition has the unique advantage of CPM technology.

Canadian surgeon Dr. Arthur Swift will present and demonstrate the produce at the ACE 2015 conference, exclusively at the Merz Aesthetics Education and Demonstration Zone.

He said: “Belotero+ Volume is a great product and has a lot of excellent research behind it. Merz is dedicated to aesthetics and I’m always impressed with the responsibility they show in teaching their physicians how to inject a product properly and how to use it to its best potential.”