10177782_xxlLifestyle Aesthetics have launched iRejuvenation, a secured, ergonomic and reliable solution to report, present and share patients cosmetic timeline from first injection through their ongoing treatment plan.

According to the Swindon-based company, iRejuvenation handles the entire cosmetic workflow, and patient consent, medical pictures, injection procedures, reporting and export of files are all integrated into one simple app. iRejuvenation allows accurate aesthetic procedures reporting within a few minutes.

A spokesperson for Lifestyle Aesthetics said the new download allows practitioners to establish a ‘cosmetic timeline’ for patients.

“Health authorities have emphasised the importance of traceability,” explained the spokesperson.

“The iRejuvenation Traceability Tool allows the precise recording of product injected. The cross search engine allows you to easily retrieve information stored. This can be searched by patient name, product’s name or the lot number.”

The iRejuvenation Compare Tool also allows medical professionals to show their patients the change in their faces over time.

“Bringing out the impact of cosmetic interventions will build patients loyalty as they can easily see how they have improved from the first treatment,” the spokesperson said.

This new application is a one off cost of £349.99 on the App store and the developers will be continually updating with new features and software – these will be completely free of charge to any professional who has purchased the App. They are only required to do an update.

“We are particularly excited about this new launch,” the spokesperson concluded.

For more information, or to view the demonstration video visit the website www.lifestyleaesthetics.com