The social media marketing world is changing thanks to TikTok marketing. We look at how clinics across the UK can utilise the app to attract Gen Z customers and increase treatment revenue.

The history of TikTok

Although TikTok gained popularity during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the platform has since grown in popularity and is now a key player in the social media market for attracting younger clients to clinics.

It may sound odd, but the video-only platform’s reach is undeniable, with an amazing one billion users using the app each month all around the world. 

Carl Frascina, Founder of CCF Media says: “TikTok is the most significant marketing breakthrough I’ve seen in the last decade – a platform dedicated solely to video content that promotes authenticity and empowers smaller producers.

It has the most intelligent algorithm, which means that each consumer’s ‘for you page’ (FYP) is frighteningly accurate, and the material you enjoy generating can be discovered by individuals like you.” 

This platform also continuously displays fresh content from accounts that people don’t follow, giving you a better chance of appearing in the feeds of potential clients than you would on Instagram.”

What kinds of videos do well on TikTok?

Because “fun” is such a crucial aspect in what should be created on TikTok, it differs from other social media platforms; yet, your messaging must be consistent and true. Mixing dancing videos and challenges with another one with a trending filter and then an instructional piece, for example, won’t work since it’s too chaotic.

The app’s #LearnonTikTok campaign (which highlights the finest of TikTok learning) has gained a lot of traction because so many creators have seen their hacks go viral. So, is there a home hack that your clients could use in between clinic visits? Or is there a widespread skincare myth you’d want to debunk? These are the types of videos that people save and share, resulting in additional views.

Encouraging clinics and practitioners to spend time studying popular ideas that are trending on the app in order to figure out what fits with their brand story is important. The “transformation” trend is now doing exceptionally well on the platform in the fashion, make-up, and real estate sectors, but it may also be a viable option for aesthetics.

TikTok lets you make ‘match cuts,’ which are a fantastic way to display before-and-after outcomes by using pieces from one scene in the transition to the next. As a result, you may have some fun mixing and matching cut photos of clients before and after treatment. On the platform, simple storytelling paired with popular music works wonderfully.

What should the length and frequency of my TikTok videos be?

Because TikTok is still in its early stages, there isn’t a precise answer to how often you should publish, but TikTok recommends posting three videos per day to encourage more views and for the algorithm to distribute it to the FYP. However, because this isn’t your regular work, it can be difficult to devote the time.

Frascina advises: “There should always be a beginning, middle, and end to any video content. Aim for videos that are 15–30 seconds long (for doctors/clinic owners) and up to one minute long (for educators), and always shoot in a vertical style with beautiful lighting.

Also, if you’re photographing post-treatment content of a patient, make sure the light source is behind you and your subject is in the centre of the frame. I’d just use text if it offers value, and I’d only use three to five hashtags linked to your brand’s niche in the caption.”

On TikTok, how can I measure success?

Now comes the tough part: you’ll want to know how many people are seeing, enjoying, saving, and sharing your material on the platform, but you’ll also want it to translate into bookings. But it’s not that easy — brand exposure is a huge component of what TikTok can offer.

“It’s understandable, and it does occasionally convert to sales,” adds Frascina, “but developing content for this platform needs to be regarded in the same way that we see print ads and billboards — it’s about exposure, but now with the extra capacity (of customers) to buy or book straight via their phones.”

Before you get started, it’s wise to build a bank of material, so that when you do start advertising and people click on your profile, they can watch a number of videos and acquire a feel of your brand.