7251789_xxlBosses of cosmetic surgery firms that go bankrupt and leave patients helpless are to be barred from running new health clinics.

A Government crackdown will mean the directors of surgery firms that go bust, as well as those found guilty of providing poor care, will not be allowed to close then re-open weeks later under a new name.

In February the Department of Health announced the introduction of a ‘fit and proper person test’. For the first time, incompetent bosses will be refused a licence to run a health clinic by the regulator, the Care Quality Commission.

The rules will apply to those holding top jobs in both the NHS and private sector and will also mean that unfit directors can be removed from their job.

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb said:

“This test will allow us to make sure that those leading health and care organisations are up to the job, and to remove those who are not- including those who have presided over poor care.”