Dr. Jules Nabet, a renowned cosmetic doctor and Botox expert, has reported a rise in the number of men seeking muscle relaxing injections.

The non-invasive pioneer, who has been using Botox for over 20 years, says over 25 per cent of his customers are now men, as opposed to only 1 per cent ten years ago.

Dr. Nabet also revealed how despite a rise in women in their twenties opting for injectables, he’s not prepared to treat them.

“Although the majority over of my patients are still women in their 40s and 50s, Botox is also being used at a younger age, and I often see women as young as in their mid-twenties,” he explained. “However, if they don’t need Botox, I will turn them away and not treat them. The priority for all my patients is to look natural.”