By Laura Casewell

• Actress Helen Mirren noted as ‘age-spiration’ for women in their sixties
• Enquiries into non-surgical treatments have trebled, say Cavendish Clinic & Medispa
• Body contouring and muscle relaxing injections top list of requested non-surgical treatments

The reported rise in the number of women in their sixties undergoing non-surgical cosmetic treatments is down to Hollywood favourite Helen Mirren, according to experts.

Leading aesthetic gurus believe the actress – now 69 – is reportedly behind the sharp increase in women aged 60-70 opting for treatments because of her youthful-looking skin, with one clinic calling the Dame ‘age-spiration’ to many patients.

The ‘The Queen’ star’s sleek silhouette, clear complexion, and minimal signs of ageing were the top reason for the clinic’s findings, as they labelled the rise a ‘top to toe’ seal of approval to the British star.

“We’re inundated with patients in their sixties hoping to turn back the clock with non-invasive treatments like Botox and skin tightening, as well as body contouring treatments,” explaivanquishns Justine Thomas, the clinical director of Cavendish Clinic & Medispa in London.

“Women want to look their best at all ages, and Helen is a great example of a woman still in her prime.”

“Women are visiting the clinic every week holding pictures of Helen Mirren in a bikini on the beach and asking, ‘I’m in my sixties too! How can I look like that?’ We think it’s great to see a rise in gorgeous grandmas,” she says.

“Helen is that generation’s age-spiration, without a doubt.”

The private clinic – which reported the number of women opting for non-surgical fat reduction and anti-ageing treatments has TREBLED since this time last year – believes the three-fold rise shows that women 60 onwards are celebrating the milestone, and making the most of what they have with the most advanced treatments available.

“We have ladies coming to us now from all over the UK in search of the best treatments for a natural look – just like Helen’s. The days of wind tunnel-esq facelifts and liposuction being the only options to look more youthful are long gone, and we’ve entered into an age where looking youthful is more desirable than younger,” Justine further explains.

“With so many outstanding energy-assisted devices like Vanquish and Coolsculpting now available, not to mention advanced training in injectables like Botox ensuring more natural results, women that want to mirror Mirren can do so without the cost and risk associated with traditional cosmetic procedures.”

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments have been gaining in popularity, with The Harley Street Journal recently reporting a 50% increase in patients choosing energy-assisted treatments over fat reduction surgery since 2012.

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