Words by Rosie Wilson

BTL’s fat-reduction system Vanquish has been awarded FDA clearance for reducing the circumference of the waistline. The patented technology, which is the only completely contactless inch loss device on the market, uses thermal energy blended with unique cooling technology to cause fat loss whilst protecting the skin and ensuring patient comfort.

The technology, which has already been adapted for successful use on the thighs, has now received affirmation of its successful treatment of the abdomen.

David McDaniel, MD, is a leading dermatologist in the USA and an investigator of high-tech devices for non-surgical body contouring. He said:

“BTL Vanquish is truly a breakthrough technology. Published clinical studies show it permanently destroys unwanted fat for safe and measurable circumferential reduction of the abdominal area without the cost and inconvenience of surgery. FDA clearance of Vanquish is a significant step forward in providing the newest treatment option for body slimming and shaping.”

And the BTL’s Director of Clinical Development, Andrea Morrison, said:

“FDA clearance of BTL Vanquish marks a defining moment in our journey to provide physicians and their patients an elegant treatment option to target fat cells and bring about a reduction in the waist circumference.

“BTL is proud to offer patients a comfortable, affordable and non-invasive body shaping experience. This regulatory milestone underscores BTL’s commitment to deliver meaningful solutions to aesthetic patient care.”

For more information on BTL’s Vanquish, visit www.btlaesthetics.com/en/vanquish