Medisico Aesthetic Medicine Ltd, a subsidiary of Medisico PLC, is launching an innovative platform for the new Body Face Couture brand, which encompasses the most comprehensive services available yet, to aesthetic clinics around the UK.

In addition, the multi-faceted brand is launching the next generation of aesthetic treatments directly to the public at a price-point that aims to make aesthetic treatments accessible for all.

Medisico Aesthetic Medicine is an aesthetic treatment provider that is launching the Body Face Couture brand to deliver unique treatments in a way that has never been seen before in the UK market for the purpose of improving services to aesthetic businesses and consumers alike.

Set to launch in September, it works by offering Body Face Couture branded aesthetic treatments to clinics, yet allowing them to maintain their own identity. The treatment offering is unique and results orientated and the brand is directly responsible for standards and consumer satisfaction – boldly taking the responsibility of the sales and marketing of treatments for clinics and even offering money back guarantees.

The brand is set to become one of the largest aesthetic chains within 12 months and therefore seeks to challenge the scientific language typically used in the marketing of light and ultrasound aesthetic treatments. The brand will focus on its deliverables in a format that consumers new to aesthetic treatments will understand. Furthermore, clinics will receive unrivalled support and customer service to ensure the company can deliver on its brand promise of immediate results or your money back.

Body Face Couture has its own website which is central to purchase. Customers simply visit the website and select and purchase which treatment(s) they would like. The treatments, which are all based around the latest radio frequency and light laser technologies, promise instant results from their extensive menu for the face and body, whether they require rejuvenation, slimming or sculpting. From here, the customer is directed to the nearest Body Face Couture clinic where they receive their selected treatment and come out feeling and looking amazing.

How to Become a Body Face Couture Clinic

The accreditation process is vigorous, to ensure only the best clinics can operate under the Body Face Couture brand. The process not only includes the usual financial and clinical assessments, but seeks to recognise positive and like-minded business owners to represent the forward-thinking brand. The company is looking for long term business partnerships, and not just another sale of equipment. These relationships will be an important part of Body Face Couture’s differentiation in the market and each clinic will become part of the success story.

Accredited clinics enjoy an exclusive competition-free service, as there will be only 1 clinic within each catchment area. Medisico Aesthetics Medicine is serious about the quality of Body Face Couture treatments; and all equipment includes a three-year warranty, soon to be extended further. If there is any operative fault that cannot be fixed, the company will replace the machine the same day. Once trained, all practitioners receive a certificate listing the trainee’s name and clinic, so nobody can use the certificate in an unapproved clinic. All Body Face Couture equipment is CE marked and complies with EU legislation.

This is an incredible new approach to aesthetics, ensuring the highest quality and most impressive treatments for clinics with guaranteed results for the consumer.Visit to receive more information.