An award-winning skincare company has launched four new products as part of the popular Exuviance line.

Exuviance is a dermatologist-developed skincare line from the makers of skincare brand NeoStrata. It is a clinically proven at-home and professional range designed to transform skin, while providing the added luxury of natural botanicals to comfort skin and please the senses, say experts.

Containing innovative formulations and ingredients such as AHAs, PHAs, Bionic PHAs (patented by NeoStrata Company), NeoGlucosamine, Amphoteric Complexes, peptides, synergistic antioxidants and quality sunscreens, Exuviance delivers results and luxury in one product regime.

This summer sees the addition of four new, innovative Exuviance skincare products, ideal for tackling ageing skin concerns such as redness, lines & wrinkles, pigmentation and dullness of the skin.

These include Exuviance Anti-Redness Calming Serum, Exuviance Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster, Exuviance Glycolic Expert Moisturiser and Exuviance Age Less Everyday.

Available to buy now from Aesthetic Source Ltd