By Laura Casewell

According to cosmetic experts, the days of the traditional facelift are numbered thanks to the arrival of the thread lift; a new non-surgical anti-ageing alternative being labelled the ‘one-stitch facelift’ for women in their thirties.

While invasive procedures to nip and tuck skin around the face involve long recovery periods, not to mention a hefty price tag, professionals say the thread lift is set to continue to grow in popularity during 2015 thanks to its minimally invasive nature, fast results, and affordability.

DR Sarah TonksThe thread lift is a delicate facial rejuvenation procedure designed to gently lift sagging facial skin to produce a smoother, more youthful appearance. During the 45-minute procedure, fine surgical sutures are inserted in to the soft tissue of the face to lift and support dropping skin, with just a local aesthetic.

Despite already having a loyal older following, cosmetic doctors have revealed its appeal has now attracted a younger audience, with women in their thirties flocking to clinics across the UK to undergo the latest cosmetic craze.

Seeing a 1165% rise in enquiries* in 2014 alone, thread lifts are now set to be one of the fastest growing treatments in clinics across the country according to anti-ageing experts like Dr. Sarah Tonks, a cosmetic doctor from London.

“The one-stitch facelift has been gaining in popularity at a rapid rate, particularly with ladies in their thirties with good reason,” the facial expert explains. “Our thirties represent a transitional time, particularly for women. Whilst the skin isn’t sagging enough to warrant a surgical facelift, the signs of ageing have started to set in – particularly around the jaw and cheeks – and the thread lift can help improve the appearance of skin laxity, giving patients a more volumised look.”

“I have more patients than ever coming to me seeking treatment for the early signs of ageing, but of course for most surgery is not an option,” Dr Tonks says. “Thread lifts, using Silhouette Soft for example, offer patients a subtle facial lift that looks natural, meaning they avoid the ‘wind tunnel’ look often associated with surgical facelifts, making them look refreshed rather than different.”

“No one wants to look like they’ve had work done, especially in their thirties, so this treatment offers the best solution. It could be the end of the scalpel – the results are that good,” she concludes.

* Stats taken from official annual report released 06/01/15