Fusing botanicals with cosmeceuticals is changing the face of anti-ageing skincare and in the process is putting iS Clinical at the forefront of exceptional skincare.

Consumers increasingly want to see dramatic improvement in their skin’s appearance but also like to see the word “naturals” on their skincare products.

Dr Charlene DeHaven, Clinical Director of Innovative Skincare explains:

“Unique and powerful results can be harnessed from joining together naturally sourced botanical extracts with the latest in synthetic technology.”

Dr Charlene DeHaven continues: “An ever growing body of research informs us which botanicals may be combined together, their pH requirements, concentration limits and other formulation requirements. Scientific methods may then be used to test the end-product and verify its effectiveness.’

Combining botanical ingredients with those developed in the laboratory have produced some remarkably effective products, including iS Clinical Active Serum. Nature and science joining together in the form of botanicals in cosmeceuticals is benefiting the skincare industry. Combining the best high-tech ingredients with botanicals is at the forefront of exceptional skincare that is delivering what we all want.

“Exceptional results with less downtime – providing advantages for both the client and the aesthetician,” finishes Dr Charlene DeHaven.