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MACOM Adds to ‘Cellulite Busting’ Range of Sleep Wear

By Nadja Collins MACOM, the creator of Crystal Smooth leggings has added to its cellulite busting collection with a range of sleep wear to help you catch up on your beauty sleep. Scientifically proven to treat cellulite while you slumber, the four new lace trimmed garments contain patented emana® crystals, which absorb body heat and […]


Cell Rejuvenation Through Telomerase Activation

Nobel Prize winning research has unlocked the key to the ageing puzzle. Thousands of scientific studies have shown that short telomeres are associated with cellular decline and dysfunction. When we are young, healthy cells devide, as we age things start to slow down. At the end of each chromosome are telomeres (like the plastic tips […]

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Lumenis Aesthetics Division Expands UK Team

By Laura Casewell Lumenis, a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Aesthetic, Surgical and Ophthalmology markets has firmly marked its presence in the UK with the expansion of its UK Aesthetics division. Eddie Campbell-Adams, with over 12 years’ experience in international aesthetic medical sales, has joined to manage and lead […]

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Doctor Creates Unique ‘Haute Couture’ Botox

By Lisajane Davies Dr Sophie Shotter of Illuminate Skin Clinic in King’s Hill, Kent, has devised her own unique treatment for those who prefer the finer things in life – Haute Couture Botox treatments by Dr Sophie. From her clinics in King’s Hill and at Purity Bridge in Royal Tunbridge Well Dr Sophie is proud […]

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Industry Insider: The Return of the Waist Trainer

Nadja Collin from MACOM explains the rise of the waist-trainer corsets. They are hailing it “the return of the corset” with celebrities tweeting photos of themselves wearing so-called “waist-trainers”. Despite these 21st century idols shaking the dust off the waist cincher, the concept of waist training is far from something new. Around 200 years ago […]

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Syneron’s GentleLaser Adds New Treatment To Line

By Rosie Wilson Aesthetic laser company Syneron Candela have added a new product to their GentleLaser line; the LaserFACE, which is used to safely remove facial hair. The product is said to be a solution to waxing or hair removal creams, because the 6mm spot size makes it suitable for small areas and sensitive skin. […]

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Quantificare Launches 3D Skin Analysis Application

By Rosie Wilson The medical imaging company has added to their existing model with 3D LifeViz II. It aims to allow practitioners to give a comprehensive analysis of a patient’s skin and generate a full medical report. The product was launched in September, and aims to generate a report that measures all skin conditions, including […]


Galderma Begins Trials For Liquid Form Of Botulinum Toxin

By Rosie Wilson A phase II clinical trial has begun in the US for a liquid form of botulinum toxin. Galderma, the healthcare company behind the trial say that, if it is successful, it will be beneficial for both patients and practitioners. The multicentre, dose-range study will assess the safety and effectiveness of Galderma’s internally […]

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Syneron’s New Velashape III Cellulite Treatment

By Rosie Wilson Syneron’s cellulite treatment with Vellashape III is now available. The new Velashape III VSmooth Cellulite Treatment has 50% more power than its predecessors, and is already being back by prominent medical practitioners including Dr. Tapan Patel from the PHI Clinic, Harley Street. The handheld cellulite solution uses Bi-polar radio frequency to heat […]


Innovation Could Increase Effectiveness of At-Home Treatments

By Rosie Wilson A disposable patch is being developed which will allow consumers to perform galvanic beauty treatments at home, a procedure that can currently only be carried out by beauticians. The VTT Technical Resource Centre in Finland has created the product, which is patent pending. It differs from existing models in its functioning mechanism […]